A Healthier Take on Chicken & Waffles

Flour, Egg, Bran Flakes

Happy Breakfast Week! So many adults fail to eat breakfast, myself included. When you wake up, you already have a million things on your mental to-do list. Eating breakfast before you hit the road is the last thing on your mind. Most people are not “morning people.” I think it’s because most of us wish […]

Happy Hour Friday – Guacamole and Sangria


When my brothers and I were younger, we used to do stupid stuff. Let me also state, that I hope I am not the only person with childhood stories like this. We used to dare each other to eat the grossest combinations of foods. For example, I was maybe six, and I dared my middle […]

Tortilla Lime Crusted Fish Tacos

Tortilla Ingredients

Isn’t it strange how when you are looking for something, you can’t find it anywhere and how when you finally get what you were looking for, you start noticing it everywhere? For example, I own a pug. I never noticed how many people had pugs until I got one! I know I kind of sound […]

Coffee & Cayenne Rubbed Skirt Steak with Polynesian Slaw

Polynesian Slaw Dressing

-Or- Why George Clooney is Like a Good Piece of Steak Have I ever had a bad steak? I’m sure I have. Maybe one that was over cooked or even undercooked, but for some reason I just can’t remember when or even where these so called “bad steaks” were eaten. In the food world I […]

Chicken Tortilla Top Soup

Chicken Tortilla Ingredients

I would like to say that I have this huge arsenal of recipes, written down on little scraps of paper, which I draw from, that I have been making for years, but, most of the time that is not the case. Like, for example, with this soup recipe. I make soups and chili’s all the […]

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