Light Tzatziki Tuna Salad

Tzatziki Tuna Salad - Sarcastic Cooking

I don’t exactly remember when I started liking tuna. I feel like this was a food that was always around during my childhood, but I never experienced until, well, I don’t remember. My Dad was always the master tuna salad maker in the house. That is what he would eat on weekends in between mowing […]

Open-Faced Mayo-less White Bean and Tuna Melts

Open-Faced Mayo-less White Bean & Tuna Melts - Sarcastic Cooking

I am going to keep today’s post short and sweet because I am exhausted. Yesterday I was at the hospital all day waiting for the birth of my brother and my sister-in-law’s baby.  Yes, ANOTHER nephew! I am so blessed! Anyway, when I got home late at night and did not feel like cooking and […]

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