Bolognese My Way-se

Finely Minced Carrots, Celery, Onion, & Garlic

Now that the haze from my weekend long food coma has lifted, I find myself inspired by my friend’s Italian creation over Friendsgiving. Well, that’s partially the reason behind this week’s recipes. To be completely honest, I have all the Italian ingredients because I was supposed to make a pasta dish for Friendsgiving. When the […]


Weezer's Best Friend Gracie

-AKA- The Tale of the U.S.S. Lasagna This year, my friends and I decided to start a new tradition. The busy holiday season makes it difficult to get everybody together on the same date. Some of us have two to three Thanksgiving dinners to attend with family. So we figured, why not add one more […]

My Grandfather’s Cabbage Rolls

Me and my Grandpa

The third family recipe I wanted to share with you this week is from my grandfather. Or as we called him, Dziadzia (Jah-Jah), which is the Polish word for Grandpa. He was a feisty Polish man. He survived World War II living in Poland and Germany. He loved farming, gardening, his family, and warm cans […]


Cranberry Salsa

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am so happy that I am not cooking a huge meal today, (cook like a champion today, for those of you that are). My husband and I are headed to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents’ house. My mother-in-law has her menu set. So, it makes it kind of hard to contribute something […]

Mom’s Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes

Pre-baked Mashed Potatoes

The second family recipe I want to share with you this week is my mom’s refrigerator mashed potatoes. I know everybody thinks their mom makes the best mashed potatoes. Well, sorry to inform you, that you are all wrong because my mom makes the greatest mashed potatoes, hands down! I could go on and on […]

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