The Bachelorette Party: Week 9 Recap

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First off, I think I am jinxed. Or maybe I should just never declare to all of the twitterverse (yes, I just used that word so yeah, shut up) who my favorite contestants are on the show. First, JJ. I confess my love for that hot Bill Nye pantsapreneur and the next week he is outta there. Since then, I have been having eyes for my main squeeze farmer Chris. Spoiler: You can guess what happened next.

Andi, me and you need to have words, gurl!

Ok, on to the recap.

Tonight the final three dudes went on the fantasy suite dates which, Stephie and I both agree, are kind of dirty and creepy. I hope the guys just try not to think about Andi being in a suite the night before and doing the same (or worse) things with other dudes. Yuck.

First date went to Nick. No scarves from him on his date but lots of neon. Cue the typical helicopter ride! They had a picnic on the beach to kick the date off. It seemed very awkward and lacking in the chemistry department. I kind of felt like Nick never really ended a sentence the whole date. He then read Andi a fairytale he wrote and illustrated for her. Kind of weird. He made up for the bad sandy sandwiches date by telling Andi that he loved her later in the night. I honestly feel like no I love you = no wink wink in the fantasy suite. Maybe that is just me.

Of course the two of them went to the fantasy suite. He did have one smooth moment when he told Andi, “When you know, you just know.” Check mate, Nick!

Next date went to Josh. We learned that Josh speaks Spanish. He sounded pretty sexy, not gunna lie. Lots of making out and shopping at a market as per usual. Andi told Josh how she judged him right off the bat when he was too confident, blah, blah, blah. I think she was just looking for something to nitpick about. Shocker, Josh said he loved her and he told his whole family that he loved her too. That was nice to hear. Then the two loudly kissed and headed off to the fantasy suite.

Last date went to love of my other farm-living life, Chris. They went horseback riding. They played a lackluster game of hide and go seek in the cornfields after Andi freaked out about her horse trotting downhill. He should have known she wouldn’t be a fit for him if she cannot handle herself around a horse or any other animal which may cause her to get dirty. Ok, sorry, I am just partial to Chris.

So the whole date Andi is gushing about Chris’ family and you kind of get this sense that she likes them more than she likes him. The fantasy suite card is on the table. Andi starts crying, without tears, and explains that she doesn’t feel the same way about Chris. He loves her and she doesn’t want to live in Iowa. She basically dragged it out and tried to justify letting him go even though she knew what a great guy he was. Chris, even in his departure, was a perfect gentleman and even tried to make her feel better about trusting her heart.

Cue the sad music and get ready for Chris, the next Bachelor.

Despite the fact that Chris was sent home early, they still had a pointless rose ceremony just so the maestro himself, Mr. Chris Harrison could flex his rose giving muscles. Both Josh and Nick accepted roses and so ended the episode.

Not before we found out that Andi and Nick were both bedwetters in that final clip they show during the credits. I love those clips.

Next week is the men tell-all episode. I loooooove this episode. I cannot wait to see super smiley Marquel again. I cannot wait to see how deep the v’s are and how many necks are covered in scarves. Eeeee! So exciting!

Until next week my friends! Oh! Don’t forget to enter our sweet giveaway in the meantime!

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