Billionaire Bars

Billionaire Bars | Sarcastic Cooking

Yessss!!! Finally. Here it is. The long awaited sweet treat I have been promising since Saturday. I normally ship the treats I bake off with Mike to share at school with his fellow teachers. Since Mike is on spring break, this week these babies stay here with me! That is right. Sixteen beautiful bars of […]

Kit Kat Caramel Blondies

Kit Kat Caramel Blondies | Sarcastic Cooking

So, maybe this recipe would have been more appropriate around Halloween. But, since I normally boycott all things related to Halloween, this amazing recipe got pushed to the side and I kinda forgot about it. Sorry, my beautiful blonde friend. This past Halloween, I was super pumped to hand the candy out to the kids […]

Caramel Apple Oatmeal Rice Krispy Treats

Caramel Apple Oatmeal Rice Krispy Treats - sarcastic cooking

Can I confess something to you all? Too bad, I’m going to anyway. When I was younger, I never really liked Rice Krispies treats. I don’t even remember my mom making them quite often, honestly. And, I am pretty sure my brothers didn’t really like them either. Maybe it had something to do with how […]

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies - Sarcastic Cooking

Back when Stephie and I had a chance to cook and bake together over the holidays, we knew we had to make these. Or, more like I insisted we had to make these, because Stephie is a weirdo that doesn’t like chocolate. However, she did say her Dad would really like these. We were like a […]

Salted Caramel & Apple Crostata

Salted Caramel & Apple Crostata -  Sarcastic Cooking

Today has the feeling of a Monday. I love a good long weekend like the next person. My weekend was filled with TV, couch lounging, organizing, testing out some fall inspired recipes, and making sure Mike crosses a lot of stuff off of my to-do list for him. Overall, it was a fun and productive weekend filled […]

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