Horseradish Beer Cheese Dip

Horseradish Beer Cheese Sauce on Chili Tots | Sarcastic Cooking

One of my favorite places in the whole US is the land of beer and cheese, Wisconsin. I have told you before about my totally unrealistic dream of being a dairy farmer in Wisconsin. I would love to learn how to not kill plants so I could live off the land and take care of […]

Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Ball Covered in Bacon Breadcrumbs

Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Ball Covered in Bacon Breadcrumbs | Sarcastic Cooking

Balls, and balls, and balls! I have seen so many recipes for cheese balls come through my blog feed today. And still, here I am shoving another ball in your face. Maybe the reason people are all about cheese balls for a New Year’s Eve appetizer recipe is because they are so easy. Up until […]

Christmas Morning Casserole

Christmas Morning Casserole | Sarcastic Cooking

Every family has their Christmas morning traditions. When we were little, I was never able to sleep so I would lie awake most likely watching mass at the Vatican on PBS because we didn’t have cable and it was either that or infomercials. I would lie awake until my eyes couldn’t stay open for any […]

Cheddar Cranberry Buttermilk Biscuits

Cheddar Cranberry Buttermilk Biscuits | Sarcastic Cooking

Last night, we had Andy’s first birthday party. The kid was all smiles. Sesame Street and Elmo paraphernalia was everywhere. As I told one of my friends, I could have made all the decorations but I decided to Etsy the s@#% out of that party! It was just easier.

Obsessed with Cheese Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Obsessed with Cheese Mac and Cheese with Bacon @sarcasticcook #seriouslydelish

My mom has this phrase, “I’m just saying.” She says it after every, hmmm, not a compliment, more of a suggestion? I am trying to phrase this post delicately because I know my mom is reading and is most likely about two seconds away from texting or calling me to express her colorful feelings about […]

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