Spanish Ham and Egg Quesadilla

Spanish Ham and Egg Quesadilla - Sarcastic Cooking

So, you may think I am going to come all up in this post with all my mommy talk and what not from now on. Well, I have some news; you are wrong. I may have changed a lot since having this little bugger plucked from my abdomen, but a lot of things have actually […]

Mini Swiss Burgers with Crispy Shallots

Mini Swiss Burgers with Crispy Shallots | Sarcastic Cooking

My Mom always told me to never say never. For the most part, I have been pretty ok with this. Kind of. When I was little, I once overheard a bunch of teenagers swearing like sailors. As a little kid, that kind of things sort of sends chills down your spine and scares you. So, […]

A Bitchin’ Kitchen – Rigatoni with Creamy Red Pepper Feta Sauce

Rigatoni with Creamy Red Pepper Feta Sauce

Look at that beautiful pasta! Oh my gosh does today’s guest blogger know me so well! The way to my heart is always through carbs and cheese. Maybe throw a glass of wine in and you got me! In fact, for one Valentine’s Day, Mike had some bruschetta waiting for me when I arrived. He […]

Veggie Loaded Baked Pasta

Veggie Loaded Baked Pasta -  Sarcastic Cooking

My hibernation has reached an all new level thanks to little Andy. I seriously only leave my house once a week. The funny thing is, I don’t really care all that much because it is so flippin’ freezing outside. Luckily, I packed my freezer with meals months in advance in preparation for my antisocial new […]

The Cooking Actress – Pesto Chicken Pizza

Pesto Chicken Pizza

Today’s Friday feature is from one of the sweetest bloggers I know, Kayle. She is an actress and baker/blogger in New York. She is one of my favorite people to chat with about TV shows. We are both obsessed with so many it is ridiculous! She has been nothing but excited and supportive through my […]

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