Easy Beef Pho

Easy Beef Pho - Sarcastic Cooking

The world is built by dreamers, or so the movie Dinner for Schmucks says. Consequently, in every relationship there is one realist and one dreamer. It is all about balance. In my relationship, I am the dreamer. On a weekly basis, I will try to convince Mike just to get up and buy plane tickets and […]

Pea, Asparagus, & Spring Herb Pasta (gluten free)

Pea, Asparagus, & Spring Herb Pasta (gluten free) - Sarcastic Cooking

So I feel like I am in a different world, state, or even city the past two days. It has been 55 in Chicago. In January. Did you hear me?!?!?! 55 IN JANUARY! What in the world? I don’t want to be one of those people who always talks about the weather, even though I […]

Light Green Goddess Dip

Light Green Goddess Dip - Sarcastic Cooking

As you all know, I have an issue with snacking. I love appetizers, all day erry-day. This year I am trying to cut back on snacking and focusing on eating clean homemade meals during the week, which is unfortunate because the most appetizer-iffic man-holiday is this weekend. I will most likely give into my urge […]

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