Brown Butter Chipotle Lobster Tacos

Brown Butter Chipotle Lobster Tacos | Sarcastic Cooking

I have decided that my love language is tacos. Yeah, tacos. These tacos to be exact. I tried to recreate some wonderful tacos Mike and I had on our honeymoon in Cabo. (BTW whenever I say Cabo instead of Cabo San Lucas I always laugh at myself and think of The Hills).

We are a year plus into being parents and our honeymoon seems like a lifetime away. Date nights have even become few and far between. As a parent you have to work harder and stay up later to try and reconnect with your significant other at the end of the day. I am tired every day of my life so what’s a few more hours until bedtime so I can chat with Mike? Luckily, this weekend Mike’s mom is coming over to watch Andy so we can go out with all the other crazies on Valentine’s Day. [Read more…]

Roasted Pepper and Onion Tamale Bake

Roasted Pepper and Onion Tamale Bake | Sarcastic Cooking

So, do you ever dream about work? Or what about nightmares about work? I told you guys before that I love to discuss my dreams and nightmares with Mike the morning after. I also told you that Mike haaaates hearing about my dreams and nightmares, but I have to talk it through with somebody and sometimes, I can’t wait until later in the day to relay my dreams to the other person in this world that reads as much into her dreams as I do, my mom.

I mean if you were adopted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, wouldn’t you want to talk about it? And, furthermore, who wouldn’t want to hear about that dream? [Read more…]

Sweet Corn Queso Fundido Nachos

Sweet Corn Queso Fundido Nachos | Sarcastic Cooking

Happy New Year’s Eve! What are you guys doing for this big night? Can I live vicariously through you? I will be holed up with Mike, Weezer, and Andy surrounded by way too many appetizers and a glass of either this or that. [Read more…]

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