Simple Spinach Salad

Simple Spinach Salad - Sarcastic Cooking

Mike hates salads. He often gets mad at me or grumbles when I make a side salad to go with our dinners. He begrudgingly eats it, leaving behind the tomatoes. Watching him eat a salad makes me sad. How does he not like the crunchy combo I have made for him? Why does he always […]

Light & Lemony Brussels Sprout Slaw

Light & Lemony Brussels Sprout Slaw - Sarcastic Cooking

I have to change my¬†About Me section. I have said this for a while now, ever since I baked my first challah. But let me preface the changes I need to make with a little statement. If you have ever had to write an about me or a short synopsis of your entire persona, you […]

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