Mole Rubbed Steak Salad

June 14, 2012
I want to real talk you guys for a second before we get to this steak.
Everybody around me is pregnant or just gave birth to a child. I know of nine people I am friends with or related to that are pregnant or just had a baby in the last month. And no, Giuliani and Bill and all my fellow food bloggers are not included in that number.
Is that weird? Is it some kind of a sign from the universe that it’s my turn?
Clearly, I am no spring chicken. I am 28. It’s not that it isn’t on my mind, I just don’t know. If I look back and read the plan I set out in my childhood journal I would have been married at 25 and have at least two kids by now. I would have also been best friends with Claire Danes and working as a dolphin trainer in California. Dream big, twelve year old Stef!
At this point in my life, I am so happy where I am and would not want to be the journal version of myself. Even though the whole living in California and being friends with Claire would be kind of cool.
Anyway, I just wanted to vent about this baby boom mushroom cloud I am in the midst of right now. I need to keep telling myself that you can’t plan everything, because even the best laid plans (eh hem, journal!) don’t always turn out the way you think they will.
Sometimes, they turn out better! And if I am not birthing babies, at least I can always give “birth” to a gooooood steak!
Ingredients (Serves 4-6)
For the Mole Rub:
1 Tablespoon Finely Ground Coffee/Espresso
1 Tablespoon Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 Teaspoon Salt
½ Teaspoon Pepper
½ Teaspoon Garlic Powder
¼ Teaspoon Paprika
¼ Teaspoon Cayenne
¼ Teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
½ Teaspoon Ground Coriander
½ Teaspoon Ground Cumin
For the Dressing:
1 Tablespoon Chopped Parsley
2 Tablespoons Chopped Shallot
1 Clove Garlic, grated
½ Cup Chopped Cilantro
¼ Cup Chopped Arugula
1 Jalapeno, seeded and chopped
1 Teaspoon Salt
½ Teaspoon Pepper
2 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
For the Salad:
1 ¼ lb. Flank Steak
Whatever vegetables you would like for the salad plus some crushed tortilla chips on top!
In a small mixing bowl, combine all of the dry spices for the rub. Whisk to combine. Coat the entire flank steak with the seasonings. Rub the seasonings into the steak.
Allow the flank steak to absorb the rub under refrigeration for at least an hour. Before you grill the steak, let the steak come back up to room temperature. That makes for a juicy steak.
Turn your grill on medium heat. Let it heat up for a few minutes and then lightly oil down the grill grates before placing the steak on. Grill the steak for six to seven minutes per side for a perfect medium. Grill it for longer or shorter depending on the “doneness” you desire.
Remove the steak from the grill, place it on a dish off to the side, and let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes before slicing and serving.
While the meat rests, add all of the ingredients for the dressing to a food processor. Puree until smooth, about two minutes. If the dressing is a little too chunky for you, add a drizzle of olive oil.
Just before you slice the flank steak, get all of your salad ingredients together.
Using a sharp knife, thinly slice the flank steak. Serve the salad in a large bowl topped with the steak and dressing or individually plated.

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  • ko
    June 17, 2012 at 1:39 am

    Looks great! Good job.

  • Kelly
    June 14, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Umm I need this in my life ASAP. Amazing!

  • DB-The Foodie Stuntman
    June 14, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Take it from a guy who lives in California. The weather is nice, but it’s expensive to live out here. The cheapest gas near me is $3.95 a gallon for regular..

  • Evelyn
    June 14, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Stephanie! Love the new look of the blog! All your recipes are amazing! You have made my husband one happy man. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out
    June 14, 2012 at 8:42 am

    So similar to how I was feeling right around graduation last year when it seemed like every time I got on FB, someone was getting married or engaged or had just gotten an awesome full-time job, while meanwhile I was single and unemployed. But look at me now! It just didn’t all happen in MY time (never does).

    It’ll work out the way it is supposed to. If nothing else, I’m sure the Weeze-man is quite content being the center of all your love and attention 😉 (Can’t wait to meet him, btw)