A Day In The Life: The Holidays

I hope everybody had a blessed, happy, and filling holiday. I am so thankful for every single one of you! I count my blessings every time I hunt and peck out a new blog post on my keyboard.

Since Mike, Weezer, and I are all still recovering, unwinding, and unpacking from our holiday adventure, here is a little peek inside!

I will be back with a recipe tomorrow!

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  1. Your holiday looked so happy and fun! Hope you had a wonderful New Years too!

  2. I really wanted to do a post like this…but then I kept forgetting to grab my camera. *sigh* Ah well! Your Christmas looks great and I must say I missed you while I was away from blogdom!

    • I barely got the pictures that I did. Just tried to take in as much family time as possible! I missed you too gurl!!! I hope you enjoyed your little break!!!

  3. How wonderful! Love it. Have a wonderful new year filled with joy!

  4. Stefanie, thanks so much for sharing your Christmas with us! I have so enjoyed your posts this year, and I see BIG things in your future! I hope you, Mike, Weezer and your entire family have a beautiful and happy new year!

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