Sweet Corn and Jalapeno Enchiladas

Sweet Corn and Jalapeno Enchiladas | Sarcastic Cooking

Enchiladas! Say it with me now, “Ennn-cheeee-laaahhh-daaaahhhhs!”

One thing I learned while struggling to learn how to be a new parent was that enchiladas are an easy weeknight meal for people who would rather be sleeping than slaving away in the kitchen.

My friend Stephanie from Girl versus Dough just was initiated into the weirdness and magicalness that is parenthood. While she is enjoying every sleepy snuggle with baby Avery, I am guest posting over on her site.

I am sharing one of my favorite enchilada recipes, sweet corn and jalapeno! These are totally doable on a busy weeknight and would also be a quick showstopper if you have guests over for dinner.

So, hop on over to Girl versus Dough and check out the recipe and my “sage” words of advice for new moms.

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  1. Made these tonight. Spectacular – added to my list of favourite recipes immediately (with my own notes because I made mine spicier). I am so bowled over by the addition of cornmeal! MMMM yum.

  2. I’m saying it with you, girl! These look amazing. I need these in my enchilada hole…like, now!

  3. Yay for enchiladas! I love this corn filling. I’m so corn obsessed at this time of year!

  4. I lovvve enchiladas. These look amazing! :)

  5. These enchiladas look like a totally amazing dinner for whoever was lucky enough to eat them. I’m going to make them soon!

  6. Yes to enchos! Especially the veggie ones, just stuff and bake!

  7. Loved this post Stephanie! Also, great photography!

  8. Amazing!! Just checked out the recipe at Stephanie’s!

  9. Seriously, girl. These enchiladas are the bee’s knees. I absolutely love corn and never thought to put it in an encho. I have about a gazillion things of hot sauce in my fridge right now, so I’m thinking I need to use all the bites of encho as a “taste test” for my hot sauces. You know, market research ;)

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