Bourbon Cherry Vanilla Sangria

Bourbon Cherry Vanilla Sangria | Sarcastic Cooking

I hope everybody, whether you be a dad, uncle, or even the father/owner of a little furbaby, had a fantastic Father’s Day. Did you do the typical dad-tivity and grill? We did. Mike rarely, cough cough never, cooks. If you are an avid reader of the blog you know he is not so savvy in the kitchen. So, when he says that he wants this summer to be the summer of steaks and become a grill master, I say go for it! [Read more…]

Red Snapper

Red Snapper (a spicy bloody mary with gin)| Sarcastic Cooking

I know the champagne flutes have probably already been pulled from the deepest depths of your cabinets and dusted off in preparation for tonight’s festivities. But, before you pop those bottles, let’s get a game plan going for your morning after.

Ok, you’re going to need food. Probably a brunch recipe or two because you won’t be up, moving, and hungry until about 11am, right? Alright, let’s talk casserole or overnight French toast. Those are good options you can prep today before you get all gussied up for a night out or gussied down for a Netflix marathon.

[Read more…]

Bourbon Brownie Milkshake

Bourbon Brownie Milkshake | Sarcastic Cooking

Woo hoo! It’s Friday! That is a great excuse for a little bourbon in your diet, eh? Another little cause of celebration is my little brother’s birthday this weekend. Sigh, one year closer to thirty, young one. Enjoy it.

(PS: Don’t worry, Nick. When it is your birthday I will do a special recipe post just for you too! I’m thinking something wing related.) [Read more…]

Blueberry Shandy

Blueberry Shandy | Sarcastic Cooking

Happy 4th of July to all you ‘Mericans! And happy Friday to all the rest of the world. Both are valid reasons to celebrate. Since most of you are in the midst of enjoying a nice three day weekend or mini vacay, perhaps, I will keep this blog post short and to the point.

All you need to do this weekend is: [Read more…]

Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cup

Cucumber Ginger Pimm's Cup | Sarcastic Cooking

Yeah, it is a Monday. Yeah, it is kind of gloomy here in Chicago. Yeah, the weekend is over and maaaaaybe that would have been a better time to share this recipe with you.

But, in my book, there is no better time for a good drink than a Monday. I hope you agree. [Read more…]

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