Almond Sesame Coleslaw

Almond Sesame Coleslaw \\ Sarcastic Cooking

There are so many things about my husband that I do not understand. We have known each other for ten years (wow), we dated for seven, lived together for four years, and married for almost three years. I feel like I know him.  In knowing somebody for that long, you pretty much know that they […]

Perfect Picnic Vinegar Slaw

Perfect Picnic Vinegar Slaw - Sarcastic Cooking

Remember last fall how I ranted about Mike never taking me to an apple orchard to go apple picking in the fall? Then remember how I ended up tagging along with my sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews? And finally, remember how Mike didn’t even go with? Well! I thought of another thing Mike and I have […]

Light & Lemony Brussels Sprout Slaw

Light & Lemony Brussels Sprout Slaw - Sarcastic Cooking

I have to change my About Me section. I have said this for a while now, ever since I baked my first challah. But let me preface the changes I need to make with a little statement. If you have ever had to write an about me or a short synopsis of your entire persona, you […]

Lucky’s Style Sandwich

Lucky's Style Deli Sandwich

There is a restaurant in Chicago called Lucky’s. Lucky’s is famous for ginormous deli sandwiches served with French fries and coleslaw on the sandwich! They have been featured on Man vs. Food for their crazy sandwich challenge. My brother’s had this idea that they could easily do this sandwich challenge. The challenge is that you can […]

Coffee & Cayenne Rubbed Skirt Steak with Polynesian Slaw

Polynesian Slaw Dressing

-Or- Why George Clooney is Like a Good Piece of Steak Have I ever had a bad steak? I’m sure I have. Maybe one that was over cooked or even undercooked, but for some reason I just can’t remember when or even where these so called “bad steaks” were eaten. In the food world I […]

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