Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Ball Covered in Bacon Breadcrumbs

Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Ball Covered in Bacon Breadcrumbs | Sarcastic Cooking

Balls, and balls, and balls! I have seen so many recipes for cheese balls come through my blog feed today. And still, here I am shoving another ball in your face. Maybe the reason people are all about cheese balls for a New Year’s Eve appetizer recipe is because they are so easy.

Up until this year, the only balls of cheese I was familiar with are the ones from my college days, fried cheese curds. Every Wednesday, my friends and I would put on our best jeans and ironic t-shirts and head to our local college bar for $2 pitchers of beer and $5 baskets of cheese balls. Yes, you read that correctly, Wednesday. After we finished our homework and studying, of course. [Read more…]

Edamame Avocado Hummus

So, I know I said I was back and all that. But, that is only kind of true. I was back and now I am in (hopefully) sunny Key West celebrating the wedding of two of my close friends. I promise next Wednesday, back to blogging as usual. For the time being I have a few good friends who are willing to step in and ease your hunger for new recipes. First up is Julia. Take it away!

Hi Everyone! My name is Julia and I am visiting from A Cedar Spoon.

I am honored to be posting on Sarcastic Cooking, a blog I love to follow, especially for Stefanie’s humor and creative recipes.  In this world of the Internet you usually don’t get to meet those people you interact with over the computer.  Last August when I began blogging I came across Sarcastic Cooking and began following along and commenting on Stefanie’s wonderful recipes.  Somewhere along the way we realized our worlds were very small and I actually worked down the street from where Stefanie lives.  Small world, right? [Read more…]

Light Green Goddess Dip

As you all know, I have an issue with snacking. I love appetizers, all day erry-day. This year I am trying to cut back on snacking and focusing on eating clean homemade meals during the week, which is unfortunate because the most appetizer-iffic man-holiday is this weekend.

I will most likely give into my urge to splurge on apps on Sunday. I can’t lie to you guys.

I can also try to make some healthier options like this light green goddess dip with vegetables. I feel like a Greek yogurt based dip served with vegetables is the way to go. Well, I guess it will just be a nice break between the wings and pretzel wrapped brats (stay tuned for that winner).

If you too are interested in some lighter app options, head over to We Heart This for the full recipe.

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