Open-Faced Mayo-less White Bean and Tuna Melts

Open-Faced Mayo-less White Bean & Tuna Melts - Sarcastic Cooking

I am going to keep today’s post short and sweet because I am exhausted. Yesterday I was at the hospital all day waiting for the birth of my brother and my sister-in-law’s baby.  Yes, ANOTHER nephew! I am so blessed! Anyway, when I got home late at night and did not feel like cooking and […]

Skinny Joe Sandwiches

Skinny Joe Sandwiches - Sarcastic Cooking

I am not the best chef on the weekends. I am really good at getting my cleaning, organizing, and maybe even some light Target shopping completed. But when it comes to cooking on Saturday or Sunday night, I just don’t wanna! Maybe it was because growing up my parents had the rule that my mom […]

Grilled Orange Chicken Sliders

Chicken Breast Halves and Sauce

I miss the days of summer vacation. Right now, all the kids on my block are getting out of school. I hear them playing in their yards until it gets dark outside. Then I hear the middle school kids causing a ruckus on their walk to 7-Eleven. (One of the downsides of living down the […]

Mini Meatball Subs

Mini Meatball Subs with Marinara and Parmesan

I truly feel bad for my husband (sometimes). When I am sick, I turn into a gigantic baby. I lie like a queen, amongst piles of pillows and blankets on the couch and make demands. I should really have a scepter in my hand to make this image complete. In my sick and pitiful mind […]

Pea and Goat Cheese Pesto & Prosciutto Panini

Pea and Goat Cheese Pesto and Prosciutto Panini

Fresh or Frozen Peas have the most beautiful green color. I wouldn’t call it pea green though. More of a Kelly green. It has taken me a long time to come around to the pea. For years my mom has put peas on everything. When we were little it was adding them in with her […]

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