Peach and Ricotta Crepes

A little bit ago, pre-computer crash of 2013, Stephie and I had another cooking date. We figured, it went so swimmingly the last time, why not do it again? This time, instead of testing out some recipes from our favorite cookbooks, we put our heads together and came up with a recipe all our own… well mostly.

When deciding via text message what to cook, Stephie asked me to teach her about creeps. Of course, she meant “crepes.” Thank you, autocorrect. Given our combined dating pasts, I would say we both know a fair amount about creeps, but those are different stories for a different time

So, we made crepes. I demonstrated a perfect swirling technique (that is a stretch of the truth). I think Stephie was surprised how easy they were. It’s one of those things; if we can do it, so can you! Once we cooked all the crepes, we decided to stuff them with a sweet honey-orange ricotta mixture, and then top them with some whiskey soaked peaches. I swear I could eat those peaches all on their own.

Since I am still dealing with major technology issues over here, head to Eat Your Heart Out to get the full recipe.

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    Sorry to hear of your computer struggles. A short time ago we didn’t have computers at all but now life becomes very frustrating without them! I hope all is resolved soon with a minimum of angst, wine, or zanax. :) I love ricotta with fruit. These crepes would make a lovely light dessert but I would like them for breakfast!

  2. says

    Just discovered your blog and I am in LOVE. Everything looks delicious and I want to eat it all! (Also, I’m from Chicago and just read your about page and am now craving a Portillo’s cheeseburger like you wouldn’t BELIEVE :))

  3. says

    I’m sorry that you are still having computer issues. :( The two of you are quite the cooking pair! I’m so glad that you have connected. I’m looking forward to more cooking adventures from the two of you.

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