Bloody Mary Roasted Potatoes

Being pregnant is awesome. Well, awesome now that I am in the second trimester and not nauseous anymore. I do have one complaint, just a teeny tiny one. I miss a good brunch cocktail. So many of my favorite restaurants also have my favorite Bloody Mary’s. Yeah I could have one without the booze, but it just isn’t the same. Sorry I’m not sorry for saying that.

Today, I am channeling my favorite cocktail into something I can enjoy, roasted potatoes. Head over to Susan’s blog, Girl in the Little Red Kitchen, for the full recipe. Also, make sure to check out pictures of her adorable pug while you are there.

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    If I ever had one complaint about being pregnant it would be have to be a good summer beer (like a blue moon on a hot day) or brunch cocktails! Yum! Love this recipe–so creative.

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