Merry and Bright Wishes!

Merry and Bright Christmas!

Thank you all for the love and joy you bring to me and my family by visiting this site every so often. I am so grateful for you guys and this space and this community. We are a community! Woo hoo for us! [Read more…]

Andy Turns One and 10 First Year Faves

Andy Turns One! | Sarcastic Cooking

Is it weird that I still look at Andy and ask myself the question, “Are you real?” Probably, but I do it on a daily basis. Andy dances to a hip hop song, he uses a fork the right way, he starts walking using his little old man walker… These are all instances where my heart just fills with joy and I start asking myself, “Is this real life?” Before we go any further, I need to apologize for my lengthy, wordy, gushy post.

On this day one year ago, I was packing up my bags, putting the JJ Cole Bundle Me on the carseat (freaking out at Mike because we always do everything last minute), and feeling every feeling known to mankind all at once as we got ready to head to the hospital. I seriously felt excited and terrified, nervous and terrified, calm yet terrified. See the trend? [Read more…]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy day where it is totally acceptable to eat all the food and drink all the drinks! Yay for caloric intake. Have a great day spent with family and friends from me, Mike, Weezer, and our little turkey.

He is soooooo going to hate me for this when he gets older.

Surviving the Holidays with iCoffee (Sponsored)

iCoffee Single Serve Brewer

I have always had a love affair with coffee. I’m not one of those crazy from the womb Gilmore Girls kind of coffee drinkers. My obsession and straight up dependence started slowly with foo foo espresso drinks. You know the ones, with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. Mmm, so good, but sooooo expensive. It wasn’t until I started working, like grown up post college kind of working, when I truly understood the value in having a slow steady stream of coffee pulsing through my body. [Read more…]

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