Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

 Small business holiday gift guide is filled with some new clothing, food, drink, and decor finds for you to support this holiday.

Support small business this holiday season - sarcastic cooking

I know that all those big box stores make it super quick and convenient to order presents.

Trust me, Amazon comes right down Santa Claus Lane to our home every Christmas.

Some things, like specific toys for the boys, cannot be found elsewhere. I get it.

But books, food, clothes….

Trust me, Amazon, Walmart, and Target will be fine without this little chunk of your business.

This year especially these little makers and smaller shops need our business to stay afloat.

Let’s start supporting our little George Bailey’s.

I personally have had enough of the Mr. Potter’s of the world, amiright?!?!

  1. Semicolon Bookshop – This is my new source for all my online book shopping needs. It is a Black-woman owned bookshop in Chicago. It may take longer than two days to ship books, but it is worth the wait to help out independent bookstores. Use the Bookshop website to search for local bookstores in your state/neighborhood that you can help support.
  2. Shop Josie B – I have many, many doormats from this shop. Mats are handmade and this is another female owned small business. They are great to cycle through during the different seasons. I am partial to the “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” mat myself. 
  3. Caramelo Tortillas – GUYS! When I tell you these are the best tortillas I have ever had in my entire life, I am not joking. Fresh, non-GMO tortillas. I am partial to the pork fat tortillas myself. The avocado tortillas are just as good for all my veggie friends out there. They take about six weeks to get to you, but store well in the freezer. Stock up now!
  4. Maplewood Whiskey – Small batch whiskey from Chicago. If you live in or near Chicago, definitely worth the drop in to pick up this spirit. Small craft breweries everywhere are suffering so if you can, shop your local faves for glassware or apparel to help keep them afloat.
  5. InBooze Cocktail Infusions – It is no secret my love for this small, black-woman owned company. Ashleigh has taken this idea and ran with it! She was just featured in Oprah Magazine’s best stocking stuffer list! The Bloody Mary kit is all I use when I make Bloody Marys at home. I think this would make a lovely teacher gift along with a bottle of wine or booze. Trust me, the teachers would love it!InBooze Cranberry Sauce Cocktail - Sarcastic Cooking
  6. McBride Sisters Wine – This black-woman owned vineyard knows how to make a dang bottle of wine! The Black Girl Magic Rosé is one of my favorites. I highly recommend either of their red blends and the Sauvignon Blanc to be used alongside an InBooze Sangria kit. So good!
  7. Seemore Sausage – This lady-run sausage company is doing it right! All sausage is gluten-free and nitrate-free. The flavors are out of this world. They are great grilled or just sautéed in a pan. I really like the Broccoli Melt sausage. It is full of cheese, broccolini, and pepperoncini. It is available in Whole Foods on the east and west coast. They ship everywhere else though. This would be an excellent present for the griller or foodie in your life.
  8. Teachers Pay Teachers – Teachers have it hard right now. Pandemic virtual teaching is getting to all of us. This site has tons of sight word, alphabet, math, and literacy packets, games, print-offs for kids K-12. I highly recommend grabbing some school materials through this teacher run site for your kids or parents that maybe need some more at home non-technology related learning fun.
  9. Girl in the Little Red Kitchen Cookies and Pies – These cookies are to die for! Susan has been one of my OG, pug-loving food blogger friends. She started this company in 2014. She has now expanded to cookie making kits, cookie pies, and pies. Everything is delicious and ships throughout the US. If you can’t make it to see your family for the holidays, send them your love int he form of sweets!
  10. Murray’s Cheese – Charcuterie is all the thing, still. Ever since I visited this shop in NYC and had their food, I cannot stop thinking about all the meats and cheeses I still want! They have great gift packages, specialty meats, specialty cheeses, and even (my fave) their famous mac and cheese blend cheese. 
  11. Palate Polish – Woman-owned small nail polish company with colors inspired by food. Hello, have we met?!? The colors go on perfectly. They are all small batch, vegan, cruelty free polishes. It will be hard to pick just one color!
  12. Rainbow Babies Prints – These cozy and comfy tees and sweatshirts are all I have been wearing lately. I love a punny tee. I love a punny tee even more when it is handmade by a mama who I know and love. The holiday collection in particular is out of this world cute. My faves have to be the “It’s a Marshmallow World” sweatshirt and tee. I also love the simple Mama tee for casual days.
  13. Create Design Live – For all your home and holiday decor, shop this cute handmade business. I have bought a few of their signs and have my eyes on a handmade cutting board. Jacqueline and her husband are the sweetest makers around. A lot of craft fairs and shows have been cancelled this year so, help them out by shopping online!
  14. Nugg Butts – Finding this maker now made me sad I missed out on even cuter monthly milestone baby pics with all these fun, food grade epoxy letters and numbers. The letter and number sets are great for play and teaching kids sight words and ABC’s. She makes magnets and super cute toddler/baby chairs as well.
  15. PigMint Studio – We all know tie dye is the pandemic fashion rage. Shop this handmade woman-run shop for all the softest kids and adult clothes. I currently have a bunch of sweatshirts in my cart for the boys’ birthday presents. 

Lastly, just remember that blogs are also small businesses. I am over here learning Photoshop collage making for the 40-billionth-time while handling recipe making, writing, photography, and motherhood/wifehood. Support us small bloggers by not jumping to recipe, by sharing recipes, and by word of mouth.

Thank you guys for your constant support, now go help out some of these small businesses! Thanks for sticking through this long small business holiday gift guide.

Feel free to comment with any of your favorite small businesses below.

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