It’s the Linkin’ Weekend

October 12, 2013

1. This casserole with tots and this one with avocado are two sure-fire hits for crowd pleasing breakfasts.

2. I love the city I live in, as long as I am not stuck in traffic.

3. 11 people in history to get a drink with. I would add Johnny Cash, William Shakespeare, and Chris Farley to my list. Who would you add?

4. OK, I don’t know what I would do if this happened while I was ordering coffee.

5. OMG! Cheesy chipotle pull-apart bread! I’m dying from carb and cheese cravings!

6. This is exactly what I would say to all you lovey-dovey apple pickers out there. (It’s only because I am jealous).

7. I’m not taking sides in this whole congress junk. I am trying not to think too much about it in fact. However, I did find joy in following the hashtag hipster congress on twitter.

8. Sticking with the whole congress thing, this was the highlight of Miley’s SNL performance.

9. Great advice for bloggers about working with brands.

10. I am so excited for the return of Walking Dead.

11. While I am excited for Walking Dead, I am still getting over the loss of Breaking Bad.

12. It is almost perfect weather for a big slice of this and a giant bowl of chili! I cannot wait!

As always, thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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