Pesto Challah

Pesto Challah | Sarcastic Cooking

I usually brainstorm my written post ideas a night or two in advance. Since today’s recipe is bread, I thought that I would try to list my top ten favorite types of bread. Yeah… That was an easier said than done kind of thing.

You see, along with wine and cheese, bread is another thing I cannot live without. My mom may not agree with my views on cheese, but she gets the bread thing. We would eat at Panera once a week when I was home from college just for the side of baguette. So great! [Read more…]

Overnight of the Living Dead French Toast and a Giveaway

Overnight French Toast with Almonds, Cranberries, & Pepitas | Sarcastic Cooking

Happy mother effin’ Halloween. Sorry I am not sorry for the profanity. You guys know I hate this holiday. I have never had good luck on Halloween. I have a love/hate with scary movies, Like I love to watch them frooooom behind a pillow. I am still freaking out over possibly seeing my door move open in the middle of the night like in Paranormal Activity and it has been years since that movie came out. [Read more…]

Meatless Monday: Cheesy Scrambled Egg and Pico de Gallo Avocado Toast

Cheesy Scrambled Egg and Pico de Gallo Avocado Toast | Sarcastic Cooking

When/if I have time for breakfast these days, I try and make it count. I am the type of person that would rather eat a huge breakfast, have a small lunch, and then fast forward to an average sized dinner. I am like Goldie Locks of three meals a day. I could probably just as easily skip lunch all together but I know that is not a path to a balanced life/diet.

I blame my dad for this annoying breakfast habit of mine. You knew it had to be somebody else’s fault and not my own!

On family vacations my Dad would always choose a hotel that included some kind of breakfast in the stay. With three ravenous kids that would eat him out of house and home if he let them, I do not blame him for this choice. [Read more…]

Bacon Banana Nut and Oat Waffles

Bacon Banana Nut and Oat Waffles | Sarcastic Cooking

You Guys: “Hey Stef, where have you been all week? Did you go on a summer vacation to some tropical place?”

Me: (bows my head in shame) “I actually spent the week binge watching Orange is the New Black.”

You Guys: “Really? That’s all you did?”

Me: “Yep. Pretty much.”

You Guys:  (silence)

Me: “Yep.” [Read more…]

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