Weather Up Cocktail + Girls Giveaway

Weather Up Cocktail | Sarcastic Cooking

Girls. You either love it or you hate it. That is what I have found in my experience with people’s opinions about this show. I am on the loving end of this show. Does that make me a hipster? A hipster doofus? Possibly, but I don’t care! Mike is on the hating end of the spectrum. He says the girls are too whiny and they wear weird clothes. I also think he hates how much I love this show, so much so that if I am watching it with him around, he has to give me a running commentary about whatever he doesn’t like or disagrees with. I have taken to watching this show alone when he is not around to make both our lives easier. [Read more…]

Copycat Potbelly’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich and a Giveaway

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! I am so excited about this giveaway and recipe today, I cannot even hide my excitement. I actually wish I could enter this giveaway myself!

As I have mentioned before, if you follow my Instagram and Twitter feed, (if you don’t why don’t you, I thought we were friends??) you know that my pregnancy cravings have consisted of pickles and Potbelly’s sandwiches. More specifically, their Mediterranean sandwich. Since I am a first time pregnant lady, I am all paranoid about eating lunchmeat, so I always get this sandwich either with chicken or with mushrooms instead of any meat. It is so good. Also, grabbing one of their shakes on the way out for a snack later is a really good idea too! [Read more…]

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