What’s for dinner? Crispy Fish Tacos with Southwest Ranch Slaw

What's for dinner? Crispy Fish Tacos with Southwest Ranch Slaw (20 minute meal!) - Sarcastic Cooking

If you wanted a real life glimpse into my weekly dinner repertoire, this dish is it! I seriously set this picture up, took the photo on this box, then moved the plates from the box to the table, and then moved the tacos from the plate to my face. That is real life, folks.

So many times growing up, we lived off fish sticks on those Lenten Fridays. When I tell Mike that we are having fish sticks for dinner, he groans. I even tried to give Andy a fish stick all slathered up in beautiful tartar sauce. I thought I was smarter than him because he loves any kind of sauce or sour cream or yogurt on anything. Alas, the kid took a bite of the fish stick, ate the breading off, and then spit out the fish. [Read more…]

Brown Butter Chipotle Lobster Tacos

Brown Butter Chipotle Lobster Tacos | Sarcastic Cooking

I have decided that my love language is tacos. Yeah, tacos. These tacos to be exact. I tried to recreate some wonderful tacos Mike and I had on our honeymoon in Cabo. (BTW whenever I say Cabo instead of Cabo San Lucas I always laugh at myself and think of The Hills).

We are a year plus into being parents and our honeymoon seems like a lifetime away. Date nights have even become few and far between. As a parent you have to work harder and stay up later to try and reconnect with your significant other at the end of the day. I am tired every day of my life so what’s a few more hours until bedtime so I can chat with Mike? Luckily, this weekend Mike’s mom is coming over to watch Andy so we can go out with all the other crazies on Valentine’s Day. [Read more…]

Meatless Monday: Beer Braised Sweet and Spicy Pinto Bean Tacos

Beer Braised Sweet & Spicy Pinto Bean Tacos \\ Sarcastic Cooking

Do you guys have a guilty pleasure fast food joint? That is a silly question. I guess everybody does. But don’t say Panera, because that is too healthy and it doesn’t have a drive-thru so I don’t really consider it fast food. I’m talkin’ greasy, chain fast food restaurant food.

For me, it is Taco Bell. Or as I lovingly refer to it, T Bell.

It is just something about that greasy mystery ground beef that calls to me sometimes. It is the best decision of my life and then very rapidly the worst decision. [Read more…]

Crock Pot Pork Carnitas

Well, it is that time of year again. Summer, well not really. In my house it is the time of year I love and my husband loathes—cherry tomato season! Every single year, we get into at least one real argument about cherry tomatoes. I am totally serious.

This time of year, I start stocking up on these bite-size treasures. I add them to pastas, salads, sandwiches, tacos, and even snack on them alone. I just love that burst of fresh, seasonal tomato flavor. And that very taste explosion, is what Mike hates. [Read more…]

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

It is around this time every year for the past five years, when the holiday rush is over, in which I have to bite the bullet (and subsequent hit to my wallet) and take Weezer in for his yearly Vet visit. It is also around this time of year when the little creature known as Weezer came into my life.

Before we get into that tale, let me tell you about this chicken. It is the easiest recipe I think I have ever posted! Four ingredients, a crockpot, and of course tortillas! Just pop it in the crockpot and go spend some quality time with your four-legged friend. Trust me, after reading this heartwarming story, you will want to do just that!

Ok, now on to the real reason you came to this blog, Weezer!

When I first bought Weezer, I was the ripe old age of 23. He was the first dog addition to our family. As I have told you before, we were an animal loving family, basically everything except dogs or cats have inhabited my parents’ house.

This is what Weezer looked like when I brought him home. My middle brother Nick, peer-pressured me into following through on the actual purchase of a dog after talking a big game ever since I graduated from college. Blame it on my oldest child ego, but I had to do it.

That’s right. I was living at home. My parents’ did not want a dog. They had actually told us many times that if we wanted a dog we would have to do it when we moved out. I bought a dog, brought it home, and failed to inform my parents. Yep, kind of a dick move.

When Nick and I packed Weezer into the car, he would not stop crying and shivering. I figured he was cold, so we blasted the heat all the way back home. That didn’t seem to help. We got back home and Weezer was crying and whining and shivering. I called Mike and told him, word for word, “Mike! I think I made a huge mistake. I bought a dog! I have to go.” That was all I said. I can only imagine Mike on the other line after.  “Stef? Hello?!?”

My Dad came home first. I really thought that between my mom and dad, my dad was going to be the maddest. Little did I know, I was totally wrong. My dad came in and rolled his eyes and then started playing with the little guy, who was stiiiiillll whining!

In the midst of all this excitement, we failed to hear the garage open. DUN, DUN DUUUNNNN! Mom’s home. And Mom was pissssed! The first words out of her mouth were, “Cute. When is he going back to his home?”

When I informed her that this was his home, she was not happy. You know your mom is mad when she doesn’t yell, she just doesn’t talk to you. That is a kind of mad that cuts you to the core.

But, as time went on, Weezer was accepted into our family. I was making a huge effort to be the one taking care of him all the time, yet I am sure my parents will tell you differently. Then something totally unexpected and tragic happened to my family. My Grandfather was hospitalized and eventually put on hospice and moved into our house. He had nurses and my little brother Zack, who was home on summer vacation there to take care of him.

Some people handle these kinds of things differently. Some step up and are there for their family while others, like me, don’t really know how to handle all of this and kind of retreat. I found myself stepping in as the dinner maker and homemaker of the house. That is how I dealt.

I also took a lot of comfort and distraction in a certain little puppy. I think that a lot of my family took comfort in my cuddly little guy. While this may sound dumb to some of you, those of you that get it, really get it and know what a difference a pet can make in your state of mind.

So, this time of year I really thank God for making that “mistake” and impulse purchasing Weezer five years ago. Even though I am sometimes annoyed by my little friend and loathe taking him for walks in the winter, I always manage to save him a little bit of chicken just for the heck of it.

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos
Prep time

Cook time

Total time


Recipe type: Entree – Crockpot
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 4 – 6

  • 12 Ounces Jarred Salsa Verde (whichever you prefer)
  • 4 Ounces Canned Green Chiles
  • ½ Cup Low-Sodium Chicken Stock
  • 1 ½ Pounds Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Tortillas

  1. In a crockpot, mix together salsa, green chiles, and chicken stock. Add in chicken breasts and make sure they are fully submerged.
  2. Cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours.
  3. When fully cooked, shred chicken in the pot using two forks. Let sit in crockpot on warm uncovered while you prepare tortillas and toppings. Serve meat on tortillas right away.
  4. Chicken will last in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for up to a week. Reheat slowly in a pot on the stove.
  5. Note: This is mild chicken recipe. If you like it spicier, add one more can of green chiles.

How can you say no to this guy?

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