Hard Apple Cider Custard Pie

Hard Apple Cider Custard Pie | Sarcastic Cooking

Isn’t it funny how your goals and aspirations change through the years? Sometimes I like to compare my little kid hopes and dreams to my grown up Debbie Downer hopes and dreams. It is quite the examination of contradictions.

I don’t know why I am oversharing this little tidbit into my little kid psyche, but here we go. When I was little I used to sing all the time. I used to write songs on little notepads and sing them to my mom. A capella. Now, on one hand, yes that is super cute. On the other hand, I now know I do not have a great singing voice. I never have, never will. And don’t be all like, “Oh no Stef, I’m sure that’s not true.” Just to try and humor me. Trust me, I am fine with it. I still sing regardless, so don’t worry. [Read more…]

Pesto Challah

Pesto Challah | Sarcastic Cooking

I usually brainstorm my written post ideas a night or two in advance. Since today’s recipe is bread, I thought that I would try to list my top ten favorite types of bread. Yeah… That was an easier said than done kind of thing.

You see, along with wine and cheese, bread is another thing I cannot live without. My mom may not agree with my views on cheese, but she gets the bread thing. We would eat at Panera once a week when I was home from college just for the side of baguette. So great! [Read more…]

Homemade Rye Bread

I friggen love rye bread. I grew up on rye bread. It is a carb that is very near and dear to my heart. When I was little, I remember going to my Dziadzia’s (pronounced jah-jah, Polish for grandpa) house and eating giant soft slices of rye bread that he would have sitting out on a paper towel along with some kielbasa (pronounced keel-basa, aka a type of Polish sausage) on his kitchen table for a snack.

I’m Polish. That’s our definition of a snack. [Read more…]

Blueberry Cobbler Bread

Today, I have the privilege of guest posting for Stephie at Eat Your Heart Out. She started a series on the first of every month called Friends First. In the series she asks her blogging friends to guest post about whatever their little hearts desire. That is a mighty trusting friend. I really wanted to just write a post about my building excitement for the return of my favorite housewives but, I figured maybe a recipe would be more appropriate. So, for my post today, I shared a recipe using some of the fresh fruit of the season. What better way to celebrate a friendship than with baked goods! [Read more…]

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo wings (or better yet, buffalo sauce) is something that I cannot remember ever hearing of until it was everywhere!!! I think that the first time I tried buffalo wings was when I was down at college. They built a Buffalo Wild Wings near campus. My usually on trend friend suggested we go there for an after class dinner. [Read more…]

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